You have to do the work to see the beauty..💕

Willow Smith said “Do the work and see the beauty” and that was probably one of the greatest messages I’ve heard in the past couple of weeks. Although very simple, it led me to see so many things clearly!

We all are aware of the things that are holding us back..we all are aware of the consequences to our actions..we all are aware of what we did to get where we are and because it’s broken we must fix it...I see people constantly asking themselves..

Why am I single?

Why am I broke?

Why am I struggling?

Why am I overweight?

Why does this keep happening to me?

Why am I unorganized?

Why didn’t I know?

Why is my relationship in trouble?

Why is my marriage failing?

Why is my house not in order?

Why am I not feeling well?

Why can’t I connect with my family?

Why am I mean?

It’s because there is no work...

The work is spiritual, the work is mental, the work is physical, the work is challenging, the work isn’t always obvious, the work is draining, the work is costly, the work is sacrificing, the work is honest, the work is revealing, the work is not prepped, washed, separated, or presoaked...the work is overtime, with no PTO and multiple’s a project!

Babies are beauty and they take a whole live nine months to create...there is a timeline to all creations!

You got to do the work to see the beauty..

I like that message..I love it!


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