Thee Lit House Book Review: ZIKORA by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

📚 Book Review: “Zikora”

by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Wow, Wow, Wow! What do you do when you’ve taken all of the steps to be careful. When you have been smart and you took extra care not to settle. When you have degrees and an amazing job and for some reason you think that all of your accolades have become armor.

When you have set and counseled your friends about not settling and getting what they deserve and turned your nose up and shook your head at their unhealthy instances.

Only to realize no matter how smart, no matter how rich, no matter how nice you are that you can still be treated as if you are undeserving of the love you desire.

That if you decide to do just one thing your way, that it all ends anruptly!

What happens when you meet the perfect person, y’all are living a perfect life, constantly dreaming and casting vision together and you’re both in your late 30’s and stable but when you fall pregnant he decides to abandon you?

Zikora story isn’t about a low income, struggling black woman who chose a man who showed her all of the red flags! It’s about a women living a fruitful life who meets a man and they form a beautiful relationship, they travel together, spend time with eachothers families but don’t agree on one simple thing.

The baby that she becomes pregnant with at 39 years old. This story was so emotional. The pain, the disappointment, the space that Zikora is in and the desperation and desire to understand why a 37 year old man who loved her deeply couldn’t get pass the fact the she wanted to keep a baby they created together.

This story tells a different story of family. Zikora’s perspective shifts as she begins to see other women around her in a different light and remembers how all the other times men did her wrong she still survived and she still won because she knew who they were but this one perfect man, Kwame shattered her. It’s a powerful short story and I felt every part of it!!

So good! Please read!

This is a short story only available on Audible!

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