Thee Lit House Book Review- “Monday’s Not Coming” by Tiffany D Jackson

📚Monday’s Not Coming Book Review: I

chose this book because I loved the way Tiffany D. Jackson wrote “Grown”. It was the writing that told the story of so many little black girls reality. I thought she writes young black girls well and she confronts subjects that we seriously need to discuss with our young black girls. She talks about things we kind of shy away from because we feel the topic is inappropriate but education could save a lot of us. We experience things we were never warned about too often at the hands of people who we should feel safe with. This book was one of the saddest stories I’ve read in awhile. It’s about best friends, very best friends who were getting through middle school together. Who created community and became one another’s safe place. One protected her friend from everyone discovering her learning disability and the other protected her friend from something she wasn’t even aware of...something she never connected the dots to because she just didn’t know. What she did know is that when she returned from Summer Vacation her friend was missing and no one seemed to want to help her find her. Her best friend Monday Charles hasn’t arrived at school and she never will. Killed by her abusive Mother and placed in a fridge beside her brother for almost a year. She had a friend who knew once she didn’t arrive at school or write back that something was wrong.This story is about abuse, piss poor systems, ptsd, community and much more. READ IT! #theelithouse #bookstagram #mondaysnotcoming

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