Thee Lit House Book Review: Dispossession by Tayari Jones

📚 Thee Lit House Book Review: Dispossession by: Tayari Jones

Dispossession: The act of depriving someone of something (Land, Property or Other Possessions)

This book this book..well this short story only available on Audible but My God I loved it. Every single detail of this short story was perfect to me. Maybe because the book resonated with me, because I also have a son who I love very much and sometimes I make decisions for him that he initially hates but I know it will put him in a better situation in the long run. I am also a Mother who fights for her child to have a chance. That’s who we meet in this story. A Mom, A wife, A hard worker who is dealing with her feelings towards her past and present decisions. She has one son and a nephew who comes to live with them for a short time because after they get hemmed up by the police at the tender age of 12. Her husband decides the nephew is a bad influence and she decides that this area is bad influence so she ships her son on scholarship to a boarding school in Vermont. The school changes him, he is different. He’s what she wanted him to be successful, intelligent, fighting social justice at his new job but also married to a white woman and no longer relating or feeling the need to come home. So the son who she poured everything into has left her just like the Dad who she divorced once the son was gone because they realized he is all they had in common these days. He’s put her in a spot of where she only knows Mothering but now that he’s and adult she is beginning to think she is not successful enough for him. Then there’s the nephew. Who she works with at a company packing up houses and wrapping up things of those who are moving or have have been “dispossessed” And then there’s her childhood and her Mom and her sister fighting cancer and everyone and everything and she is Thinking through it and placing everything into its little boxes and it’s taking a lot more than two’s amazing how symbolic and thick it all is. Please check out this book narrated awesomely by @gabunion and written by one of my faves @tayari #theelithouse #theelithousepodcast #audible #audiblebooks #audibleoriginal #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #tbr #dispossession

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