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I started Thee Lit House because I wanted to amplify my passion in some way. I once dated a guy who like me worked in corporate America. He would always say that the real creative part of the day started after 5pm. That’s when we clocked out and were to pick up the things and express ourselves in the way we thought most beautiful. He was a creator just like me but his medium was Art and mine was literature. At the time there were no book subscriptions (2017) that I was aware of and I realized that I was constantly reviewing and suggesting books to friends anyway. Why not make that a thing? Why not curate bundles based on a questionnaire and personalize stacked books, create a journey and a prescription to cure all that was needed in the form of literary medicine. I also started a small book club shortly after in 2018 and begin making Charcuterie Boards during our meetings if they were hosted at my home. When I fell into the Charcuterie rabbit hole, I became pleased with the process of making them. They’re beautiful. They also pair well with literature. I took two very amazing things curated them to tell a wonderful story. A beautiful Story. The books pleased my desire to travel to efficiently escape and to be a fly on a wall, but Charcuterie provided me with a in-home luxury experience. I felt rich reading a good story and grazing on a glorious board. I am always searching for a high minded experience in my own space.

That’s what Thee Lit House is’s Rich and Valuable, it’s enriching and satisfying. It’s an all black outfit with a red lip and a tasty glass of wine! ❤️ - Tatayanne

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