The Efflorescence Book Club 📚💡

So excited to announce this dope literary event! If you didn’t know by now..efflorescence is one of my favorite words for 2019! It’s all about growing and glowing and evolving and progressing! All things I am very fond of and constantly putting things in place to live exactly that! So I thought, wouldn’t an all women’s 30 and up book club be super dope?! Right?!

Like I know we are all super busy but the oppurtunity to give a 30 day commitment! Have two meetings, one brunch and discuss a bomb book together be such a nice damn thing to do?! I thought so, so I wanted to create this exclusive book club!

One you would have to join monthly but would foster mature connections, intelligent conversations, quick witted sisterhood and end with food and mimosas!

Each month, new book, monthly subscription, must be local and a few other surprises throughout the thirty days!

Only nine spaces available! Email for details on how to join! I look forward to reading with you! -Tah

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