Tah’s January Round Reads

Being an AVID reader is not easy and like honestly where in the heck did January go?

I composed this list of books blinked and here we are at the 28th of the month and the last two books (not pictured) are going to honestly have to wait. I think I will put them in my March stack because February is short and full!

This month I picked out some really cool books that I wanted to read a mixture of all kinda of things in hope to kindle my inner creator. Books are both empowering and impressionable like that. Books influence me, while so many people are against fiction for learning as an adult, I advocate for it! Fiction doesn’t mean lie or lack of reality fiction means.,.I changed the names and added some magic!

Have you ever being on a journey so cheap?

Well I am the Queen of frugal and through books I have traveled the world. So as we close out Season 1 of 2021. Here is what I have read in January 2021! Please stay tuned as I post blurbs and a small review on each title! -Tah

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