Stepping Up to Read...

Reading has always been a great pleasure of mine and I’ve always encouraged others to read. Reading grows you, it introduces you to new things (words, music, artists, food, wine, traditions and more). It allows you to travel without a passport or the expense of airfare and hotel costs. I’ve said all this before about books but the message I really want to share about reading today is how it encourages you to step up. Reading makes you big. It helps you to outgrow mindsets, understand your perspective and gain sound reasoning. I’ve also said that before but I guess my request to anyone who comes across my blog is to step up and read! Literature is a staircase, an open door, a entry way, a pathway and a mode of transportation. I just want everyone to read. Read a whole book. Finish the book and write a couple of sentences about the book. Circle words you’re not familiar with while reading, underline the experiences they share in the book and pick a character and explain their traits. Read! Movies don’t do books Justice. Read, put your finger to the page and annotate, make dog ears and highlight paragraphs that stand out to you! Read! It’s healing. Read it restores you! Read it’s exercise for your brain! Read!!

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