Reclaim Your Resilience: A Guided Journal For Survivors by: Melody Gross (Meet The Author)

Many people are writing guided journals as self care, spirituality and mental health become more and more of a rising but welcome and needed trend.

One thing I absolutely love about trends, is that in the moment that the awareness is amplified about that particular subject, is a moment where we should really educate and pour into any and everyone who is listening. It is a time to stand on platforms that we may never get a chance to again and share essential information and lock in programming that’s been way overdue. Even in a trend you can’t dismiss the education you received during that time of interest and while it’s unsettling that it takes a trend to bring awareness to some of our most crippling issues, let’s take advantage of it and teach!

Mental health, self care, therapy and journaling are all practices that have been around for many years but due to disparate impact, misinformation, lack of resources, problematic systems, traditional programming and many more piss poor practices and the total disregard of our issues as whole, we’ve been sleep, deprived and hurting as a people and are really behind the ball when it comes to unpacking and healing as a community.

So when you come across a person that understands those issues and is working hard to do their part in educating our community in a moment when they’re very receptive, you‘ll find a Melody Gross. A true change maker and refreshing author of the newest and most insightful and impactful guide to date in my opinion titled Reclaim Your Resilience: A Guided Journal For Survivors.

Melody has been a change maker for a very long time! She’s been championing for Survivors and has a story that is very common amongst many women but a well informed and curated programming to keep the awareness alive!

Melody is a native of New York now living in Charlotte, NC. As a certified professional coach she works with mothers to shift their mindsets and support their emotional wellness in order to create the life they deserve and desire; no matter their past experiences. She is a child witness and survivor of domestic violence.

Through her company, Courageous SHIFT, Melody is a domestic violence keynote speaker, workplace trainer, and facilitator. When she isn’t encouraging Black mothers to release the unrealistic expectations of society, she’s sharing the hilarious musings of her 12-year-old son, affectionately known as KGB.

In her newest book, Melody provides a summary of what to expect as far as content.

”Reclaim your Resilience: A Guided Journal for Survivors” is the safe space we need to give ourselves to check in with our emotions and feelings. Reclaim your Resilience is divided into four sections: Checking in with my emotions, checking in with my beliefs, checking in with my past, and checking in with my desires for the future. The beauty of this journal is you can use it any way you see fit. You can go through it page by page or jump around. Some of the journal prompts are listed in order of light reflection to the heavy stuff. Make it your own. Let your feelings, emotions, and thoughts guide you. These prompts are just here to support you on your journey of empowerment, self-awareness, self-forgiveness, healing, and self-compassion.”

Interested in this gem and want to know more about her book and other ventures Click the link below.

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