Oh Hey February!

Well look at here? We are headed into Season Two of 2021 and Season One wasn’t too bad. We had an inauguaration and transitioned into a new presidency, The COVID Vaccine is now pumping through the veins of the general public and states are reporting decreasing numbers as we enter fourth quarter of the flu season and...AND Chipotle now has Cauliflower rice! The last one listed has me excited as I am on this good keto journey and having Chipotle without the rice sucks!

However the most amazing thing that Is happening in 2021 Part Two is I picked some amazing reads for this Lovely Month!

So check out the titles and stay tuned for my February reviews..in March though because I have a whole month to read them! You should join!

Some of the books will be featured on my podcast Thee Lit House! We are back With new episodes starting this week! -Tah

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