Mastering Me..

It’s 2020 and I haven’t really been as consistent as I should have in a lot of things. Not with writing, not with poetry, not with fitness just only consistent in the things that I wanted to really grow in. I always feel passionate about my mind, my heart, my spirit but even when you are mentally fed, in love and aligned you can find yourself unbalanced. Life itself is a tightrope but it’s also a clothing line. Have you ever thought about the duality in all things. The fact that you can literally tip-toe with one foot in front of another, hands out to your sides swaying, sweating, focusing seeing nothing but your tight rope. Focusing on the distance between your then and your now and your next. Literally wobbling with tunnel vision and unable to take in the views in your peripheral. Do you know what you’re missing being so focused on your struggle? By shutting out everything else you’re only allowing it to be you and the rope, two elements can only make a couple of things. Ropes are funny like that, they can both hinder and help. When your life is unbalanced and you know it, you have to repurpose the rope. At this point the rope has been weaponized and has become your tightrope. Allow that same rope to become your clothing line. Things that are hung on a clothing line go through a process. They are worn in heat and in cold, in rain and in windy conditions. They are discarded, they are Hemmed, they are altered, they are purchased they’re sold, they’re sorted, they’re grouped, they’re are washed, twisted and turned and rinsed and then... At that point, they are picked up individually one at time and stretched because every nook and cranny has been renewed, they are secured on both sides by two pins holding on and securing them to that line. They are permeated with warmth and light and kissed and embraced by the wind. They become natural and put to use again and again and again...they become parts of pictures and videos and celebrations. They go from clothes to quilts and then they cover. When it’s a tightrope and something happens abruptly, you fall but when it‘s a clothing’re secured and looked out for on either side. Your peripheral isn’t scary. Your past is familiar when you look back but if you just endure the cycle and hang in there you’ll be cleaned again, stretched again, chosen again, worn again and every part of that cycle is part of the recalibrating to once again become balanced. The most important thing I learned thus far in the fogginess that has been year two thousand and twenty is that my outlook is my output. This has been a year of repurposing. I am turning every tightrope into a clothesline.

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