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HBO has this amazing situation going on with the amazing cast and visual storytelling of Love Craft Country. Originally a book written by Matt Ruff and who of course was influenced by H.P. LoveCraft who was known to write weird and horrific fiction. Matt Ruff takes that inspiration and created a phenomenal book with an amazing visual directed by none other than Jordan Peele and JJ Abrams. LoveCraft Country the show follows Atticus Freeman as he returns home from the war after receiving a letter from his Father who has gone missing. With the help of his intelligent and Lovecraft loving Uncle George and photographer Letitia they set out to find his Dad who is chasing the lineage of his Atticus’s Mom. The Gag is the storytelling is not only faced with multiple challenges as all the character are black and traveling through Jim Crow Country and encountering racism and monsters Ah! It’s amazing to see the society menaces still happening amongst the supernatural nuisances. Makes you believe that racism is so evil that we can only lean on the supernatural to rid ourselves of it. What a way to include two very real things spiritual warfare and systematic oppression oh my!! Yeah it’s most definitely horror and a great depiction of the struggle of black America. As we try to navigate the dark and light of both and still find some damn sense of joy! Well you guessed it behind every great show is an amazing book or writer or both so with that said September‘s bookclub read is LoveCraft Country by Matt Ruff! Order from me at or on Amazon and sign up to join our virtual book club. Below I have posted some amazing links to help you follow along with the book as well and show! HBO has dedicated a whole entire podcast to LoveCraft Country, there is also an amazing YouTube Channel that reviews it as well weekly. I am so excited and I look forward to reading and discussing weekly with you all first meeting is next week! Details on Thee Lit House Website $5 to join book club and if you need the book from me order on the site!



Thank you- Tah

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