It’s the Charcuterie For Me...

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Hi Guys!

If you haven’t had a chance to navigate through the website you may have missed our newest product launch, Charcuterie Boards! I am so excited to introduce another one of my passion products and add it on as one of the experiences I am able to offer in my small business.

It wasn’t long ago, actually like October 2019 when I begin building Charcuterie Boards myself. I’ve always been a person who enjoyed savory snacks like cured meats, olives and varieties of cheeses and although I had encountered what some casually called “cheese boards” a couple of times a year, I didn’t see the product being prepared or offered in my community or at our gatherings as frequent as I saw them in others.

We were avid wine drinkers, we deserved to be enlightened as well by the pairings of amazing wine, with chocolates, nuts, cheeses, meats, fresh veggies and an array of grains and wheats made into crostini’s and wheat thins with hints of Mediterranean flavors and other yums! So I begin building monthly boards for my book club meetings and enjoying them with friends.

As time went on I begin building them on Saturdays for my son and boyfriend to graze on throughout the whole entire day. They loved it. It was such a great way to diverse the palates in your home and get everyone to start focusing on a colorful and creative way to experience such yummy foods Or just to support a small business!

As I begin falling in love with building these boards and sharing pictures of them, I thought what a wonderful passion I’ve curated within myself with this hobby. How peaceful and what better way to promote self care, dinner with friends, book launches, birthdays and more. Charcuterie is such a celebratory functioning add-on. I wanted to spark joy and share my newfound fun with everyone! These boards can range from a quick $20 experience all the way up to event level of $100 to $300 depending on your vision.

Now here is one of the greatest things about creating these boards. Not one will be the same. They are each creatively their own. It’s perfect as the introductory snack or party platter. It’s not a hard to clean up at all! It’s very relaxing and the end result is always so satisfying.

All boards are created with seasonal fruits and veggies, cheeses and some meats purchased at local farmer markets and/or grocery stores.

Orders Can only be placed if you live in Charlotte or a surrounding area. Delivery fee maybe required after Order and addressed are confirmed. Prices can vary due to event!

I look forward to receiving your orders soon.

Happy Sunday ❤️

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