I am "BookBae"

Thee Lit House was created in my dreams. I wanted to find something that I was passionate about and eventually make it a career. I love books and they love me. Books are the first way I traveled before the age of 15 I had visited all of the continents, smelled the food, picked up their languages and dialect. Learned their customs and was on the front line of their wars and it was all because of books. Reading the stories, flipping the pages, dog earring my favorite parts, annotating on the sides, holding the books in my hands, placing one in my purse, keeping one in the car is by far one of the most joyous things I ever encountered. Books are my jam and when I thought about the library, about selling books online, you know just your average bookstore I wanted that, I loved that, I needed that and I needed to bring that to people in a different way. I thought what about a book subscription box? What about a literary box a bundle I might add with a stack of books curated especially for someone.I thought what questions could I ask the? What short set of questions would I be able to compose that would help me come up with a bundle? Of course I wanted the person to have books that they wanted to read by authors they loved and stories that would evoke all kinds of emotions but I also wanted to send them books they may have never thought to read. Books that would be amazing, stories that would expand them because them but they passed over because the title wasn't catchy, the cover was dull books that has been loved by others and passed along to inform and care for another mind. I wanted o provide them with a damn good story so with that goal in mind. I formed Thee Lit House and baby, we are going to be great!

Now, go purchase a bundle and fall in love with reading again.

Happy Reading!

-Tah The Curator AKA Book Bae

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