OH Hey Nashville! Dear Black People...Visit Nashville 💕

Nashville, TN has never ever been on my radar. Like ever. I don’t know why but like everyone else, I thought of Nashville as a place that was all about country music. I thought Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash and Keith Urban. I thought Jason Aldean and Blake Shelton and Leigh Ann- - Okay, I wI’ll not lie Country music bangs a little bit but still I wasn’t checking for Nashville. However we should all know by now wherever there is a good time..black folk are not too far away. Not only do we have a rich history there because it’s really music city period! We can enjoy ourselves there and this past weekend we had an amazing time there celebrating my boyfriends 35th Birthday!

Our Accomodations- we stayed at a very quaint place called BODE at Nashville. if you’re looking for a place with swimming pools and Jacuzzi tubs this isn’t it but if you are looking to be right in the mix of “NashVegas” this is more of an Air BnB feel without all those extra charges and they have 1-4 bedroom apartments available. We opted for the two bedroom apartment. it was very nice and clean the kitchen was fully stocked and they even give an option to send a grocery list prior to arrival so they could stock the fridge for you. We went grocery shopping on our own and had a grazing board that came in handy throughout the weekend. The accommodations are easy! They take 50% up front and the other 1/2 a week before arrival And an additional $100 deposit you get back once you clock out and everything is good! There is not check in everything is electronic so they send your code to get into the gate, and a code to get into your room they’re always available via text and very accommodating. I texted them asking about different stores and shops and parking and etc. They responded quickly and had no problem suggesting things. They’ll even send you a message about giving you a discount to stay amd extra night or offering later check out! They have the cutest courtyard with fire pits, cornhole boards, a stage for live music, sitting areas in each floor with swings and lots of areas to kick it. Patios off the Master Bedroom with Access available from the living room as well!


That night we experienced Nash Vegas there were hella bridal parties wearing my “last bash in Nash“ shirts and the music was blaring and party buses were everywhere. The atmosphere was thick and we took our talents a couple blocks over to a hookah, drink and wing lounge call the WKND Hang Suite Whew! As soon as I stepped in I knew we had found a piece of home. It was filled with a mixture of Tennessee State University and some locals and some other out of towners who probably asked “where are my people” The drinks were yummy, the wings were bomb, the music was good the sections were sold out but it was all love. We had a good time there and we walked the 10 blocks back to our room eating the remainder of our wings and having conversation with Nashville’s finest as people were out and giving even though the city closed at 11pm due to COVID.


The next day we got and headed to brunch at The Hampton Social. This was one block from our hotel and it was beautiful. It was airy and had a nautical them. The downstairs was more like a bar but there were also couches and areas to reserve, there was live music (Acoustic) and mimosas flowing. The college games were on the TV and then once you arrived upstairs it was so nice! Tables were clean, waiters were accommodating you could see the kitchen bustling, the music was nice the windows were huge letting you see the city and park and filled with green decor! It was a whole mood! I made reservations for everywhere we ate and you should too Nashville is boomed and Busy don’t be left out!


I also filled this day with sight seeing and museums because that’s how you Trip. I am so past the age of going out if town to just drink and eat and party! The vacation has to be well balanced and that’s period! We visited The Gulch! Known for its cute shops and boutiques and coffee and of course photo ops! No Way was I visiting Nashville and not getting a pic with the wings! So we did that, ran around the gulch had coffee, shopped a little, visited my boyfriend college campus, hit the mall and visited The Parthenon replica and Marathon Motor Works (shops close at 3pm) with a distillery and winery (open to 7pm) inside All before dinner whew!! United Street Tours which is a black owned Tour Company to tell our history in Nashville was unavailable due to COVID I hope you can visit and your with them when you go! I will be back for that.





The Finale! My man is a foodie so I always want to make sure wherever we go both his bougie and just yummy food senses can be pleased! I like food but he loves to eat amazing things and I so appreciate the exposure. we’ve had so many great plates of food together and buying different ingredients and expanding my cooking skills has been so cool! Love him! So back to the dinner part, I was told countless times to visit Kayne Resturaunt they had Japenese Waygu, Bone Marrow and fresh Alabama Oysters Along with Duck Tacos! It was all so delicious! I was like yummy!!


Check Out the menu below we had to go on a waitlist but I was told Saturday morning that there was a cancellation and secured the spot! Again I say..reservations are your best friend make them before you go anywhere, pay in advance for experiences so that you can make sure that when you arrive you don’t spend time searching for activities have that itinerary planned! I’ve been on trips with one and without one and the trips with one always are perfect!!

So Dear Black People...there is more to Tennessee than just Pigeon Ford and Gairlinburg and cabins there is a whole lituation called NASHVILLE and I urge you to go!

Next on my list for Tennessee travels is Memphis..

y’all be blessed-

Tah @ TheeLit House