A Reading Ministry

•A Reading Ministry•

My baby brother is spending the next four years in prison.

We took this picture about two weeks before he had to go in and begin serving his time.

I stopped by and we talked for a couple of hours about what this was going to look like.

It’s not what we wanted for him but you know we live and we learn.

One day he sent me a letter and said “you can send me books..I’ll read them”. I know that books are a method of travel a true refuge to many. How they can empower, encourage and evolve people. So I did that. I sent him books. I sent him books that we’re capable of really helping him to shift his perspective. I didn’t want to send him letters in which we only discussed what was going on outside the cell. Or letters that continuously preached to him about his situation. I wanted to have conversation with him about all kinds of things but I know that since he left college he had been out of the loop. He hadn’t put as much into self education and that had really been experiencing some tough times. So I wanted to step away from all of that and travel with him via books.

I sent him...books by Tanahesi Coates, books by Toni Morrison, I sent him Love Craft Country, Books about Business, Books about Religion, Books about plants and other fiction titles too! Then I realized this is our very own little Bookclub.

These books allow him to leave. It’s may not be the liberation that Peter experiences but it is my #readingministry it’s a positive experience I can offer him.

I just sent him Gucci Mane’s first Book. I can’t wait to discuss this book with him via letter. Gucci Mane is an excellent example of you can come out better than you came in! Don’t count the days make the days count!

Hebrews 13:3 Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them and those who are mistreated since you are also in the body. (I embrace this literally and figuratively)

We can do the same for your loved one. At www.theelithouse.com order them a bundle I will ship directly to them!

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