A friend asked..”How Do You Pursue Joy”

I felt her because it took a lot for me to begin to pursue and capture joy. Life is just so intricate a times but when I really hit those cliffs of frustration before I fall, I simplify it. There have been moments where I didn’t have a clue. Then I just waited. I took a beat and requested help and the solution became clear.

I said God quiet my mind and make it plain. So now I literally do what I want and how I want as long as it is in alignment with what I stand for. There is joy in freedom but that is met with challenges as well, because sometimes I have felt uncomfortable in new spaces be it because I am not as knowledgeable or because it’s just so new.

Sometimes I’ve felt lonely in my experiences because I think we all desire companionship so doing new things without someone familiar it feels different but that comes from feeling like somebody else has to witness or co-sign your emotions who you know so it feels real...so I had to learn to enjoy that season.

Another challenge sometimes is staying motivated so I have kind of transitioned into time blocking my life..but it helps me to accomplish my list (cause I create lists) and I am always search for new things to learn or experience so life constantly feels “new”:..so I guess being okay either where I was/am is challenging because we are always waiting on the future. Also learning to identify my emotions (emotional intelligence) so I just won’t choose good or bad..learning good, great, nostalgic, peaceful, inquisitive, unhinged and so forth...I was limiting my emotions. And also feeling the need to constantly connect.. it is challenging to disconnect. It’s challenging to be all the way okay, it’s challenging to not constantly challenge

yourself..i plain.. so How do I pursue joy? By seeking Freedom and feeling Free.


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